Programm und Anmeldungen für WACOM IV Manila, 16 - 20 Januar 2017


Registration and payment until October 30, 2016. The final registration and submission of fees is on November 30, 2016.
  • A single Registration Fee for Congress participation is USD 300 per person, including transportation, lunch and dinner, translation… ONLINE REGISTRATION at (pls see attached WF-1 file REGISTRATION FORM)


For your hotel and airline booking please email: creativetravelhouse chez (attention: Ma. Isabel Tagub of CREATIVE TRAVEL HOUSE with contact numbers +6344 - 845-3500/844-601). They will also contact you soonest to enlighten you with your queries about your WACOM4 trip and for your convenient booking.

Programm WACOM 2014

Do. 14.08.14 Anmeldung beim Kongress Fr. 15.08.14 Feierliche Eröffnung des Kongresses. Kard. Schönborn begrüßt die Delegationen der verschiedenen Nationen. Hl. Messe mit Kard. Barbarin, Erzbischof von Lyon. Sa. 16.08.14 Konferenzen, Workshop, kulturelles Programm. So. 17.08.14 Tag im Park (...)

Samstag 19. Januar 2019

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