Divine Mercy « Unique Hope »

“The truth, revealed in Christ, about God the « Father of mercies, » (2 Cor 1,13) enables us to « see » Him as particularly close to man especially when man is suffering, when he is under threat at the very heart of his existence and dignity. And this is why, in the situation of the Church and the world today, many individuals and groups guided by a lively sense of faith are turning, I would say almost spontaneously, to the mercy of God. They are certainly being moved to do this by Christ Himself, who through His Spirit works within human hearts. For the mystery of God the « Father of mercies » revealed by Christ becomes, in the context of today’s threats to man, as it were a unique appeal addressed to the Church.†(Dives in misericordia, 2)


Divine Mercy is fundamental to our understanding of the Risen Christ. The Risen Christ is the Merciful One. In his appearances to the disciples after the resurrection Christ shows the depth of his mercy through his patience, his pedagogy, his love for people just as they are. This is not a teaching ; it is the Risen Christ saying to every one of us , "This is what I am. This is what you can be." Mercy is Jesus himself ! And the Church is invited to relive and proclaim this salvific reality.

Divine Mercy has the power to change the world. It is a Revolution of Love able to uproot evil and sow goodness instead. Pope Benedict XVI explains "It is the mercy of God become flesh in Jesus that alone can redress the balance of the world from good to evil, beginning with that small and decisive "world" which is man’s heart."

A first ever World Congress on Mercy

The first ever World Apostolic Congress of Mercy will take place in Rome from 2nd to 6th April 2008 exactly three years to the day after Pope John Paul II’s providential passing away on the Vigil of the Feast of Divine Mercy 2005. Pope Benedict XVI reminded us a year later that : "The mystery of the merciful love of God was at the center of the pontificate of my venerated predecessor."

 Inspired by Pope John Paul II
Here are just a few of John Paul II’s exhortations to the Universal Church to become "more deeply conscious of" and "more motivated by" the mystery of God’s mercy in the whole of her mission. (cf.Dives in Misericordia)
"The hour has come when the message of Divine Mercy needs to fill the hearts with hope and become the spark of a new civilisation : the civilisation of love."
"Apart from the mercy of God, there is no other source of hope for mankind."
"The limit imposed upon evil is ultimately Divine Mercy."
"Divine Mercy is the light for the way forward for the people of the third millenium."
"How the world needs to understand and accept Divine Mercy !"

with a message of hope :
- for the world
"What will the years ahead bring us ? What will man’s future on earth be like ? We are not given to know. However, it is certain that in addition to new progress there will be no lack of painful experiences. But the light of divine mercy will illumine the way for the men and women of our time. (JP II. Homily, canonisation of St Faustina, 2000)
- for the Church
"By this act I intend today to pass this message on to the new millennium. I pass it on to all people, so that they will learn to know ever better the true face of God and the true face of their brethren. (…) It is not easy to love with a deep love, which lies in the authentic gift of self. This love can only be learned by penetrating the mystery of God’s love. Looking at him, being one with his fatherly heart, we are able to look with new eyes at our brothers and sisters, with an attitude of unselfishness and solidarity, of generosity and forgiveness. All this is mercy !" (JPII. Homily, canonisation of St Faustina 2000)
- for those who suffer
"This consoling message of the Divine Mercy is addressed above all to all those who, afflicted by a particular trial or crushed by the weight of the sins they have committed, have lost all confidence in life and are tempted to give in to despair. To them the gentle face of Christ is offered : those rays from his heart touch them, warm them, show them the way and fill them with hope." John Paul II.
- for all Christian Confessions
"The contemporary Church is profoundly conscious that only on the basis of the mercy of God will she be able to carry out the tasks that derive from the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, and in the first place, the ecumenical task which aims at uniting all those who confess Christ." (Dives in Misericordia 13)
- for all religions "There is an urgent need for us all to enter into mutual mercy. A "common word" which comes from God and is inviting us to this. The world would be less of a desert if we could recognise a common vocation to multiply the fountains of mercy on our way. And how can we doubt this vocation if we allow the one who is All-Merciful to call us together to the one table ; the table of sinners ?" Fr Christian de Chergé, Prior of Thiberine, Algeiria. (assasinated together with his monks in 1996 by terrorists)

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