Schedule for the European Apostolic Congress on Mercy

The European Apostolic Congress of Mercy will take place in Roma, Italy, from march 31st to April 4th, being part of the Great Mercy Year.

On Thursday, March 31st of 2016, Church Sant’Andrea della Valle (near Largo Argentina)

  • At 14:00 : Song
  • At 14:05 Opening Words
  • At 14:15 Opening Talk by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, WACOM President
  • At 15:00 : Hour of Mercy with Vespers
  • At 16:00 : The church of Saint´Andrea della Valle with ¨the Faces of Mercy¨ of its history
  • At 16:20 : Testimonies from Lithuania, Czech Republic and Romania
  • At 16:40 : Robert Schumann and the politic of Mercy in Europe (P. Joseph Jost, vice-postulateur)
  • At 17:10 : Break
  • At 17:30 : The Charter for Compassion. A network of big towns in the world.
  • At 18:20 : Faces of Mercy in Spain, Poland, Austria and Germany (P. Aurelio Perez, P. Aleksander Pietrzyk, Andrea Dobrovits-Neussl)
  • At 19:00 : Holy Mass (Cardinal Christoph Schönborn)
  • At 20:00 : End of the first Day

On Friday, april 1st of 2016, Church Sant’Andrea della Valle (near Largo Argentina)

  • At 8:30 : Morning Prayers
  • At 9:00 : Holy Mass
  • At 10:00 : Testimonies of the mission of Mercy to the peripheries
  • At 10:25 : Testimony from european french speaking area
    - At 10:33 : Break
  • At 10:50 : The theology of Mercy (Cardinal Walter Kasper)
  • At 11:30 : Participated Lectio divina (with Father Patrice Chocholski)
  • At 12:30 : End of morning time for lunch
  • At 14:30 : Holy Hour with Chaplet of the Divine Mercy and Vespers
  • At 15:30 : A church with open doors. The prophecy of Pope Francis (Prof. Alici)
  • At 15:50 : The grace and the challenge of the Year of Mercy (H. E. Msgr. Rino Fisichella)
  • From 18:00 to 24:00 : Night of Reconciliation in the Jubilee´s churches open for penance service and confessions

On Saturday, april 2nd, participating to the Jubilee for the spirituality of the Divine Mercy with Pope Francis

At 7:00, in the Jubilee churches :

  • Catechesis on Mercy,
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Pilgrimage to the Holy Doors of the Four Major Basilicas. 16:00 (Entrance into Saint Peter’s Square)
  • Testimonies and music After that, at 18:00 (Saint Peter’s Square)
  • Prayer Vigil in Saint Peter’s Square with Pope Francis present

On Sunday, April 3rd, (called « Dominica in albis » or Divine Mercy Sunday)

at 10:00, Concelebrated Holy Mass in Saint Peter’s Square with Pope Francis

Finally, on Monday April 4th

at 10:00 Meeting between continental and national coordinators with Cardinal Schönborn and Father Patrice Chocholski.


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