Vision-Mission Statement for ASIA & OCEANIA

A multi-cultural Community
Blessed by the FATHER
In HIS Divine Mercy
Witnessing to
His mission of Love and Service
Transformed by the action of the Holy Spirit
To empower the weak and the needy
In solidarity with the Church of the Poor
So that all peoples
Christians and Non – Christians alike
May have life and have it abundantly(Jn. 10:10)
Under the solicitude of MARY, our Mother
And St. JOSEPH, our Patron.
*  * *
Some Pointers for the Preparation of
Divine Mercy Congresses in ASIA & OCEANIA :
According to the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy, the Mercy Congresses are intended to be of interest to all individuals, realities and tendencies present in the Church from Parish level to diocesan, from national level to international. The concept of the Divine Mercy can be presented in tripartite form which echoes the structure of the Papal Exhortation “Christifideles Laici” : 
      • Mystery
      • Communion
      • Mission 
 OBJECTIVES of the Congresses : 
  1. To gather leaders of ASIA & OCEANIA for the actualization of the Vision-Mission Statement.
  2. To provide a report on the national and diocesan assemblies ; indings and recommendations.
  3. To present a program of directions for 2008 & 2009.  
  1. Draw out findings and recommendations for the Workshop inputs (refer to attached File : Questionnaire…)
  2. Provide a template to collate all these into one cohesive report.
  3. Set up a template that each group receives the results of the Workshop. 
  1. Does the report provide the insights of the group assembly, national, diocesan or parish level ?
  2. What do you want to add or delete 
  1. Begin to identify the priority concerns of each community that could virtually reflect the Vision. This is the starting point of our Mission of MERCY.
  2. We need to visualize the future. The Mission Statement should include areas of concern that would help us focus on the vision. 
  1. A Vision Statement : foundational in the evangelization program of Mercy for Asia & Oceania as inspired by the Post Synodal Apostolic Exhortation ECCLESIA IN ASIA”.
  2. Gathering the Divine Mercy devotees is a pivotal event in so far as it assures the cascading of the Vision Statement in every group in the Church.
  3. Results of Workshop Activities provide directions on how each group can strengthen its commitment to the Vision statement through a mission and goals.
  4. Five Major Thrusts of Cascading the Vision Statement :
    1. To Know the Vision
      • Understanding the Vision and Familiarization with the Vision
      • Learn the Vision 
    1. To Desire the Vision
      • The Vision becomes the idea, the Vision becomes Constitutive and Normative 
    1. To Value the Vision 
      • We need to believe in the Vision – that the vision will make a difference. That it will set the tone of living the Church.
      • Valuing the Vision brings us to ethics and ethical behavior. Ethical behavior is “right” or “good” in the context of a governing moral code. 
    1. To Live the Vision 
      • Witness is vital. ASIA should be the showcase of living components of the Vision 
    1. To Share the Vision
      • Inspiration brings us to commitment to bring people to an appreciation of the Vision. We need to maximize the good and to minimize the negative among us. The Vision should create a culture of love in society.
Integral Human Development : “fullness of life in God” (Jn.10:10) forms theheart of the Vision Statement.
Focus of Integral Human Development 2008 & 2009 :
  1. What enslaves man ?
    1. Ignorance
    2. Poverty
    3. Sickness
    4. Unjust and selfish attitudes
    5. Selfish Values
 _______ SIN __________
  1. What liberates man ?
    1. Education and Knowledge
    2. Noble and Righteous Livelihood
    3. Healthy Lifestyle and Formation
    4. Family Education
    5. Formation of the Heart
    6. Purification of Values
 ________ JESUS CHRIST ________
Sin—Conscience—New Life
Vice—Self Control—Virtues
  1. Basic Facilitator’s Course (Divine Mercy Spirituality)
  2. Mystery of the Divine Mercy : A Divine Experience for every Man
  3. Mercy for Communion In the Church of Today
  4. Mercy and Mission for the Church of ASIAOCENIA
  5. Prophetic Intuition of John Paul II On the Divine Mercy
  6. Divine Mercy Apostolate : A Pastoral Experience
  7. The Mercy of God in the EUCHARIST
  8. Merciful Love of the Father in the Incarnate Word
  9. An Encounter with Mercy through the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  10. The Mercy of God According to “Dives Misericordia” & “Deus Caritas Est”
  11. MERCY In Salvation History According to Scriptures
*Retreats, Recollections, and Prayer Sessions are made available
 AIMS of the Programmes :
  1. To respond to the needs of the CHURCH in Asia and Oceania for deeper Formation and Direction in the Spiritual Life.
  2. To provide opportunities for Pastoral Exposure and Immersion in order to understand better the Message of Mercy in the triple concept of Mystery, Communion, and Mission.
  3. To enrich the ASIAN cultural-religious values in the light of God’s Merciful Love.
a.  Lived MYSTERY
  • To acknowledge our dignity and giftedness as persons created in His image and likeness by our response of faith and generous self-giving in humble service as would be demanded by our people, culture, and tradition in ASIA and OCEANIA ;


  • To be ever grateful for His infinite Mercy revealed through His Son, Jesus Christ by living the Paschal Mystery and be dynamically transformed by the experience it offers us as individual persons and as a nation in ASIA and OCEANIA ;


  • To be continually animated and motivated by Love of God and of neighbor in all our endeavors and cultivate deep compassion for those who suffer and those who are most in need of care and attention ;


  • To deepen our understanding of the Mystery of Mercy in the context of our ASIAN culture and tradition ;


  • To be gradually renewed and be transformed by the infinite mercies of God through the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives as we serve our needy people in ASIA and OCEANIA towards the “fullness of life”
b. Deepening COMMUNION
  • To celebrate the Mercy of God as One BODY united in the peace of Christ and proclaim this truth in our daily life through the Liturgy of the EUCHARIST and the Sacrament of RECONCILIATION proper to our culture and tradition as ASIANS ;

  • To be in loving communion with God and with one another in ASIA and OCEANIA, in solidarity with the Church of the Poor, regardless of class, color, status, or religion where love and compassion becomes a basic principle of action ;

  • To foster greater communion of mind and heart through close cooperation among ASIAN countries and neighboring peoples of OCEANIA in resolving issues, conflicts, and divisions arising from socio-political and economic upheavals ;

  • To build a community of believers and responsible citizenry who responds with available immediacy to the call of service and “volunteerism” whenever and wherever such is called forth in order to receive or dispense “mercy” be it material or spiritual.

  • To bear witness to Jesus Christ in His Mission of love and service for ASIA and OCEANIA, with due respect for its ancient culture, diverse religious traditions, widespread poverty, oppressive socio-political structures, and complex social changes ;


  • To show compassion and empower the needy and the weak by creating opportunities for growth and development in solidarity with the Church of the Poor in ASIA and OCEANIA ;


  • To concretize in our way of life the Merciful Love of God through the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy ;


  • To open up oneself to a triple dialogue with faith, culture, and social concerns in various countries and situations in ASIA and OCEANIA ;


  • To offer an Integral Formation Program based on the Spirituality of the Divine Mercy from which new Theological Perspective and Pastoral dimension may arise ;


To spread the Mercies of God through the Word of God and exemplify its message of love in one’s own life and community in the context of Asian culture and tradition