WACOM 2014

Amongst those on board in 2008 …

Cardinal Schönborn, Cardinal Dzwisz, Cardinal Ruini, Cardinal O’Malley, Cardinal Barbarin, Archbishop Cuquejo (Asuncion), Archbishop Kondrusiewicz (Moscow) …. and many more Bishops from around the world.

Upcoming World Congress 2014 (Aug. 14-18th, 2014) in Bogota (Colombie)

Delegates from every parish, diocese, movement and new community and all interested people are invited to take part in this great event. Parish co-ordinators, catechists, evangelisers, priests and religious and in particular seminarians and young people are invited to be actively involved.

The Congress will help you to :

→ interiorise the message of Divine Mercy in a personal way

→ deepen your theological understanding of Divine Mercy

→ renew your relationship with the merciful Father

→ inspire you with new motivation to tell the world of His Mercy

→ refocus your mission on the Mystery of Mercy

→ review your pastoral approach in the light of Divine Mercy

World → National → Diocesan Congresses :

Official diocesan delegates at the World Apostolic Congress on Mercy in Rome, were missioned to organise National Congresses in their homelands so as to share the message of hope with more national delegates . These national delegates shall then be missioned to pass on the message by organising local Congresses in their diocese the following year. From the diocesan Congresses the message of hope can flow into the cities and parishes …….and then, in a few years we meet again for a next World Apostolic Congress on Mercy, God willing !

Sponsorship Congress 2008

Knights of Columbus (New Haven, USA)

Invitation to sponsorship